A portrait project;
brief moment to connect with strangers

A boy at Kampung Mbare.

"I want to be a football player in Indonesia’s national team."

Mevrouw at Museum Fatahillah, Jakarta.


Army Toy Man at Museum Fatahillah, Jakarta.


Idris - Stoneman at Museum Fatahillah, Jakarta.


Pak Sardi - Truck Driver at Sunda Kelapa Port, Jakarta

When the sun went down at the biggest port of goods in Jakarta, many trucks parked along the road. The drivers would get out of their trucks and break while chatting to others. One of them was Pak Sardi.

"I’ve been driving truck for 20 years. I could drive for hours and hundreds of km distance back then. But now since I’m getting old , I can only drive for 3 hours and had to take a rest then."

Aryo at Kampung Code, Yogyakarta.

"He is my guardian. So am I."

Little girls at Kampung Code, Yogyakarta.

"Don’t take a picture of me! But if you have Blackberry pin number, send that picture to me".

Pak Ngadijo - Masseur at Tugu Railway Station, Yogyakarta.

Pak Ngadijo has been massaging since 1957. He had 3 wives who gave birth to his 7 children.
He remember that he was born in Kulonprogo but he forget about his birth year.
His parents said that when he was born back then there was a tree in front of his house, but now that tree has been cut down. That’s why he forget what year he was born.

"No matter how old you are, the most important thing is that you are healthy."

Pak Roni - Food Vendor at Pasar Santa, Jakarta.

Along with his wife, he vends his food truck on the sidewalk in front of Pasar Santa everyday from 05:00 p.m. until 12:00 a.m. His food truck is very unique, it has values of local wisdom. In fact they only serve a usual traditional food, but due to presenting different kind of dining experience, they become really famous now.
And from this ‘Warteg Angkot’, he can buy another two angkot by himself and pay for his children’s college until they got master degrees.

"I came with a random idea about 7 years ago. I saw an idle angkot and decided to combine with my wife’s warteg. And now many tourists are become my customers and I have been interviewed by national TV channel several times."

Viki - Barista at A Bunch of Caffeine Dealers, Jakarta.

Viki has graduated from BATAN university of nuclear technology. He said that on the first grade, he really wanted to be a barista after watching the latte art that Katos made in Green Hornet movie.

After a long practice and internships from one coffee shop to another, now he become a professional barista and ranked 5th in Indonesia Latte Art Championship 2014.

"I studied nuclear technology and now work as a barista. But I think I’m somewhat less deviated than my friends who work as bank employees."